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Duke Cannon- Gifts for Him at Earle's-

Duke Cannon is a brand new line at Earle's Loveland Floral and Gifts this season. Ladies- he is always coming in for your fresh flowers so now you can shop gifts for him at your favorite florist and gift shop in Loveland. "Duke Cannon isn't for everyone" the brand says. Here's what sets this Men's [...]

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FinchBerry at Earle's

Decadent soaps crafted right here in the USA. The FinchBerry Soap line is crafted in the bakery of Northern Florida. There are so many reasons to love this line which is why Earle’s chooses to make them a part of our gift shop selection. Each soap bar is handcrafted to contain natural food grade ingredients accompanied by a unique [...]

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Custom Colorado Designs

If you have visited our store, Facebook page, or scrolled through Instagram lately you would have seen that Earle’s supports local product. Many of our flowers are grown right here in the good ol’ colorful Colorado. In addition to the amazing arrangements Earle’s designs we also stock gifts that are from local designers. Colorado Copper is a hand crafted jewelry [...]

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What's in Your Kitra?

Kitras Glass offers a variety of decorative glass art ornaments. Earle’s Gifts is your exclusive dealer in the Loveland area. Providing a large selection of styles in either size 6 inch or 3 inch. You can select your favorite Kitras Glass from their different collections directly in our store or from our website. The HistoryBrought to the United States originally [...]

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Same Amazing Service BRAND New Website!

The Girls at Earle’s are so excited to bring you their brand new easy to use website. Over the last few weeks we have been crunching amazing ideas and details with the creative staff at Fort Collins Madwire Media. The new website gives our most favorite people (YOU our customers of course) access to the latest product, most creative [...]

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Peace Poles- A Bit of History

Have you seen our collection of Peace poles at Earle’s Loveland Floral and Gift Shop? Made by Yard Art we offer several styles that are a great addition to your garden display.You may be wondering, what is the meaning behind them or where did the idea come from? The Peace Pole Project has been growing across the world planting the [...]

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Beth and Kathi Go to Market

Are you wondering where all of the unique gifts in the Earle’s shop come from… Beth and Kathi of course. Each year these two ladies head out to three different markets where vendors set up shop for wholesale buyers! Lucky for us, Earle’s has a seat on the plane to pick out the freshest merchandise for the coming seasons. [...]

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