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Season of Love in the City of Love: The Girls' Valentine's Guide

Season of Love in the City of Love: The Girls' Valentine's Guide

Posted by Kenzie on Jan 31st 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Valentine's Day countdown from the girls at Earle's! 

V-Day is less than two weeks away, and we're just starting to get ramped up. We've always got everything you need when a holiday rolls around, but Valentine's may just be our favorite. Living in the city of love makes this time of year extra special, and we want to make sure that your loved ones feel it, too. Whether you're shopping for a partner, spouse, friend, or even yourself, we've got the lowdown on the best flowers and gifts in town. Read through to check out all of the neat things we have to show your love!

Abbreviated Contents:

  • Flower Power (Valentine's Flowers)
  • Goodies and Gifts (Candy, jewelry, and more)
  • Beautiful Bundles (Flowers + Gifts)
  • Magnificent Men's Ideas (Gifts for Him)
  • Gal-entine's Gratitude (celebrating our girlfriends and BFFs)

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Flower Power

Could it even BE Valentine's without flowers? We think not, that's why we have a huge selection of beautiful blooms waiting for you, no matter what your style is.

For the traditionalists:

Roses are the go-to Valentine's flower due to their color, beauty, and scent. These lovely flowers represent love and longing, making them an ideal gift for your sweetheart..

Candied Rose Trio - This super sweet arrangement comes with three beautiful roses in red or pink (or give us a call to see what other options are available). Filled with greens and lovely little accents, this arrangement is topped off with a yummy candy rose from Colorado Candy Company!

Love Birds - Give a whole bucket of love with this unique arrangement that comes with roses, daisies, and mini-carnations. Perched on top of a circle of branches are two little bird figures who are undoubtedly in love.

Knock Your Socks Off Roses - For classic Valentine's Day flowers, check out this stunning vase arrangement of one dozen, premium, long-stemmed roses in your choice of color(s)!

No roses, please:

Sure roses are the classic, but that's why a lot of people would rather have something different! Switch up your celebration and check these out...

Dazzling Cube - "Dazzling" is right with this vibrant cube arrangement that incorporates two different types of daisies, carnations, and lets the rose take a back seat. With this arrangement, the more you look, the more you see!

Valentine's Tulips - I don't think tulips get enough love, but you can change that! This mason jar comes stuffed with our most beautiful tulips that will make you yearn for spring.

Contemporary Pink Stargazer Vase Arrangement - You can say PINK again! These lovely lilies open up to reveal enormous blooms painted and speckled with pink.

Jaw-dropping and unique:

Is your Valentine the most amazing, special person in the word? Of course they are, that's what we thought! Wow and leave them speechless with these beautiful displays of love...

Hydrangea Romance Vase Arrangement - This large and enchanting vase arrangement of white hydrangeas, premium long stem pink roses, locally grown stargazer lilies, and blooming branches are sure to make this V-Day a memorable one.

Always a Princess Vase Arrangement - Treat your love right with this incredible statement piece. TWO dozen premium, long-stemmed, pink roses mixed with local stargazer lilies are sure to impress anyone.

Modern Love Vase Arrangement - All we can say is WOW with this arrangement. With high-end flowers like hydrangea, phalaenopsis orchids, calla lilies, roses, and blooming branches, this large, fresh flower arrangement is a show stopper!

Pretty Plants:

Instead of cut flowers, try a plant friend so your sweetheart can look back months from now and remember this romantic holiday...

Lovely Kalanchoe - With a variety of colors, the Kalanchoe is a great plant to keep around. The little flowers are so cute, and it even comes in a V-Day themed pot!

Seaglass and Orchids - Orchids are so beautiful, but we made them even better with this terrarium inspired vase lined with moss and sea glass!

Mesmerizing Mixed Orchid Garden - Got a plant parent that you're shopping for? Get them a new baby with this unique, ceramic, contemporary style pot filled with bold, colored orchids and other blooming and green plants.


Goodies and Gifts

So, the flowers are taken care of, what else? From sweets to gifts and trinkets, Earle's has a huge selection of fun and funky items to go with your fresh flowers.

Sweet treats:

If I had to choose JUST flowers or JUST sweets, I probably wouldn't be able to answer because my mouth is full of chocolate. Just me? Well lucky for you, Earle's doesn't make you choose...

Moonshine Bars are decadent, hand-painted, chocolate truffles that come in a wide variety of flavors and... select flavors are even infused with alcohol! They come in two-, four-, or ten-packs and we even have the limited-time, Valentine's "Be Mine" Collection (flavors: decadent dark, pink champagne, black raspberry, and chocolate covered strawberry)!

South Bend Chocolate Company produces lots of different chocolate truffles, turtles, sea salt caramels, and more! We carry tiny boxes for a little treat, up to large boxes to share (or not).

Hammond's chocolate bars are so sweet and smooth... how could you not like this classic? Try salted almond or birthday cake! Hammond's also has a selection of yummy hard candies.

Colorado Candy Company is one of our favorites with so many types of delicious treats. This year, they've got something extra special with their candy roses! These hard candies come in a variety of fun flavors and colors, so you can pick the best one for your love. These romantic roses can also be incorporated into practically any arrangement!


Colorado Copper is a hand-crafted line of copper-dipped silver and brass jewelry reflects the organic nature of the Rocky Mountains. The designs by Rachel Rayburn have romantic meanings behind many of them such as Adore, Admire, Embrace, Eternity, and more.

DC Designs, also locally designed and produced, have some of the most colorful, modern earrings in a variety of vibrant colors and shapes. They're perfect for people looking to make a statement, and these special ones remind me of candy conversation hearts!

Silk Sensations hand-paints and treats beautiful, watercolor scarves and shawls that would go perfectly with a new pair of DC Designs earrings. Each one is unique and washable!

Mugs and glasses

Dean Crouser designs mugs and wine glasses with beautiful, nature-inspired, watercolor images on each one. They're super high-quality and I can barely help but get one of each! Fill it with flowers or other goodies to complete the perfect short- and long-term gift.

We also carry a huge selection of other fun and spunky mugs and wine glasses, so if the watercolors don't float your boat, there's a lot more to choose from!

Fun friends

Jelly Cat stuffies are the most soft and squishable animals you will ever get your hands on. We have almost every animal you could think of, too, so it won't be hard to find yours or you love's favorite. They even come in a variety of sizes from tiny to big boy.

Living Luxuriously

We carry Lollia, Greenhouse Cottage, Michael Designs, and many more brands of luscious bath and personal care products. Whether you're looking for a new hand soap, romantic bubble bath, bath bombs, or sweet scented lotion, we've got about a hundred different scents and designs to choose from!


Beautiful Bundles

If you're not a pro-gift giver, don't fret! We've got some amazing bundles put together that are already prepared for gifting, so you don't have to worry about getting every last detail together.

Animal Bundles:

Mug + flowers + stuffie + balloon = Earle's Animal Bundles! We have four themed animal bundles including bear, sloth, otter, and turtle. Each is unique in its own way and has a punny little saying on the mug!

Orchids and Tranquility: 

For the plant parents, check out this bold orchid in a quality pot. This bundle comes with bubble bath and a candle for the perfect, romantic, and relaxing night in.

Cup of Love Bundle:

Coffee lovers, look out! This one is for you. This beautiful "Cup of Love" mug comes filled with fresh flowers from Earle's, a lovely set of self-care products, and a 2-pack of decadent Moonshine Bars. This is my favorite all-around gift bundle because it comes with a little bit of everything!

You Are Adored Bundle:

This mason jar is stuffed with a wild mix of fresh flowers and comes with the simple, heart-shaped Adore necklace from Colorado Copper. Perfect for the ones who love flowers and jewelry!

Mini Bundle of Love:

The cool, purple tones in this arrangement pull all of the amazing fresh flowers together for one cohesive look. This bundles comes with heart-shaped earrings from DC Designs and a 2-pack of Moonshine Bars.


Magnificent Men's Ideas

Men always seem a little tough to shop for, right? Especially when it comes to Valentine's, a holiday largely focused on women and femininity. Don't forget to show the man in your life how much you love them!

Although flowers are traditionally implied as gifts for women, men love them just as much! Don't let gender norms keep you from putting a huge smile on your beau's face. If you know your man isn't into flowers, try a succulent dish garden instead.

You may be thinking that a little multi-tool would be a lame gift, but hear me out on this one. I got my partner a little multi-tool for Christmas, knowing he needed the needle-nose pliers that were included. I thought it would be a handy little gift, but it turned out to be his favorite! He loved it more than the new Xbox controller and custom mug I got him (not kidding), and even carried it around all Christmas so he'd be ready to lend a hand (also not kidding). I think he uses it every day. Just remember that sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones that we need.

We also have two super cool bottle openers that are just what you need around the house. The first is a wooden, wall-hanging one that could be mounted right next to the refrigerator or trash bin. This one is also engraved with a bicycle! The other is so handy, it could slip right in your wallet. The ace of spades bottle opener is made of stainless steel and is as flat as a credit card, so it's even easier to take wherever you go. BONUS: this one comes with RFID protection, so it protects your personal information from scanners when its in your wallet!

The Bourbon Whiskey Candle takes a traditional gift and adds a masculine twist. These soy wax candles smell great, burn for 120 hours, and come in a repurposed whiskey bottle. These are perfect for any liquor lover and add a rustic touch of décor to your home.


Gal-entine's Gratitude

Originating from the hit TV series Parks & Recreation, Galentine's celebrates empowering, female

 relationships. Show your girlfriends a little love by sending a gift on February 13th!

BFF Mug Arrangement - These sweet spring flowers come in a mug that reads "BFF forever & ever" and is perfect to send by delivery straight from our shop.

Best Mom Ever Wine Glass Arrangement - Remind your mom that she is loved, appreciated, and amazing with a surprise wine glass overflowing with fresh, spring flowers.

I am Woman, Hear Me Pour Wine Glass Arrangement - This wine glass is bigger than it looks, and comes filled with a mix of pinky-purple flowers; perfect for the badass woman in your life who is always getting it done.

You're My Unicorn Bundle - This cute bundle comes with a little unicorn friend, straight from Jelly Cat. The bright pink flowers are accented with little crystals and you can't forget about the Moonshine Bars!

Pamper Me Basket - Skip the flowers with this fun gift basket designed to give your girlfriend a relaxing spa night in. It comes with bubble bath, lotion, a candle, clay face mask, and some other goodies for a fun surprise!


Remember that you decide how to make this Valentine's Day special. Any of these flowers and gifts could be perfect for your sweetheart if you know what they love, so take a moment to put some thought into it or even ask your beloved what they want or need! Be cupid rather than waiting for him to turn up!

If you don't have a Valentine, let your friends or family know how you much you love and appreciate them. Or, treat yourself to what you love and remind yourself how amazing and worthy you are!

If you enjoyed reading, please share this post with others, and make sure you order your V-Day favorites sooner rather than later, so you don't get left with a broken heart! Thanks!