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Poop Happens - Poopourri Inspired by Suzy Batiz Brought to Loveland by Earle's

Posted by The Earle's Girls on Dec 22nd 2016

Ladies- Let's face it... the worst time of day is when you have to poop and it is not your own toilet. Don't let poop ruin your day out shopping, hot date night, or ruin your confidence on a good hair day! Own your stall and come out feeling fresh and relieved! Poopourri is here to stay and it just might save your day!

Are you obsessed with all natural!? At Earle's we make a point to invest in products made with quality and natural ingredients. That said we also have high expectations for the products we bring in. Coincidentally... Suzy Batiz shares this passion. She loves natural ingredients and amazing product. The concentrated formula is made with essential oils, a barrier made from thickening agent Glycerine Vegetable, all formulated to naturally send away the stink and leave a fresh scent in the bathroom. So what's the story behind this magical toilet spray you ask?

Poopouri is a trending product made from natural oil scents combined to make your bathroom experience better and those after you too. A simple product frees your bathroom of toxins and stink while boosting your confidence. Carry any size from travel to 4 oz bottles and go anywhere! Poopourri comes in different sizes and scents. Choose your need. Before you go toilet spray is the trending bathroom spray and makes a great gift! Choose your scent from Lavender Vanilla, or Rose Geranium and Citrus, to fruitful mandarin and Lily scents. The options are everlasting and your bathroom will never be the same again!

"PooPourri Spray promises to take the stink out of public pooping!"

Do you find yourself waiting to use the bathroom because you don't want to deal with the smell in the stall afterward? Poopourri delivers a scent so fresh you'll never hold it in again! Poopourri product is committed to excellence through their quality and is supported by the earning of the Good Housekeeping Seal!

A toilet scent  so fresh, you'll never worry again about public pooping!


 Watch the link below and shop our site for your favorite scent!

Girls Don't Poop