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Make Mother's Day MOMentous!

Make Mother's Day MOMentous!

Posted by Kenzie on Apr 5th 2021

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world at different times and in different ways to honor motherhood. In the US, Mother’s Day was first created in 1908 and then became an official holiday in 1914. Although Mother’s Day has only been celebrated in the states for a little over a century, the tradition of celebrating moms can be dated back to ancient Greece and Rome! These societies held regular celebrations to recognize the mothering goddesses, but our current celebration of this holiday can be more closely traced to the early Christian festival, Mothering Sunday.

We have all endured so much in the past year, but we really need to take a moment to recognize how mom’s have stepped up for their children. Multiple studies have shown that not only do women and mother’s usually take on a brunt of the household care, they have only further contributed during this tough time. Since transitioning to quarantine and learning/working from home situations, moms are more physically and mentally exhausted than ever before. For all that she has done, especially in the past year, remind mom how important and appreciated she is this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 9th this year - only a month away! It’s coming quick, and Earle’s has your countdown for the perfect things to make her smile! Here’s our top items to show mom some love on this timeless holiday:

Five fabulous types of flower arrangements

Flowers are a great gift for Mother’s Day. They’re timeless, fresh, and perfect for spring! Not to mention the amazing blooms that are almost as beautiful as mom, herself

Small arrangements - For those looking to send a little sweetness while on a budget, check out our smaller arrangements. These are perfect for a window sill or coffee table where it can be shown off! These ones are also great to pair with some other gifts or sweets. (Click on the images to see them on our website)

Medium arrangements - Get the best bang for your buck with these amazing arrangements at a perfect price point. Pair with mom’s favorite gift and a card to make it extra special! (Click on the images to see them on our website)

Large arrangements - Go all out and show mom how fantastic she is with these jaw-dropping show stoppers! These arrangements are our top-of-the-line mix of fresh springtime favorites. (Click on the images to see them on our website)

Wine glasses and mugs - Here’s a gift that keeps on giving! These lovely cups come filled with fresh, spring flowers, and leave a great gift for ages after the flowers wilt away.

Dean Crouser designs beautiful watercolor images on wine glasses and mugs - get one for a morning beverage and one for an evening drink!

The “best” glasses are larger than your average wine glass and come in several varieties. Whether you’re getting one for mom, wife, or sis, we’ve got exactly what you need.

We also have a bunch of other fun mugs, like this one just for mom! Browse our shop to see all of the other fun ones we have hanging around.

Earle’s Unique Specialties - One of the best things about working at Earle’s is the opportunity to be creative every day! We love creating new and never-before-seen arrangements that are sure to leave an impression. Try some bird accents, a wonderful watering can that can be used in the garden all summer long, or leave it to our designer’s to put something together that’s as unique and special as mom herself!

Four outstanding gift options

We carry a bunch of different types of gifts, perfect for any gardener-, fashionista-, or luxury-mom.

Jewelry - Send mom a secret message with these special necklaces. When you give the chain slack, a special bar is revealed. They come in lots of different versions, including this one that tells mom “I love you to the moon and back.” We also have a bunch of amazing products from Scout. The Echo Cuff bracelets have the soundwaves of a special phrase imprinted on it, so mom can always wear your love for her on her sleeve.

Bath products - Michael Designs produces practically any bath product one could need, and in so many scents with exquisitely designed packaging! The hand and body lotion is perfect as we’re coming out of the cold season. I know I need to skin repair after all that cold! And for the treat-yourself mom, we’ve got large bottles of bubble bath that will last her bath after bath.

Garden art - Just in time for warm weather, we’ve got beautiful garden and lawn art! From one of our favorite vendors, Kitra’s Art Glass, Bee Balls are back in season! These glass balls are textured to hold water for bees to come and take a sip. Set it in your garden or flower bed and help our greatest pollinators do their job. We also have beautiful décor that is handmade with repurposed sea glass, driftwood, and rock. Arranged in heart and spiral shapes, these are great for adding a rustic touch to an outdoor space.

Sweets - No doubt about it, Moonshine bars are perfect for any chocolate-lover, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a mom who doesn’t love it! Moonshine Bars are special, hand painted truffles that come in alcohol-infused and alcohol-free varieties and dozens of flavors! Choose among a 2-, 4-, or 10-pack of themed boxes.

Three varieties of houseplants

For a plant-loving mom, we’ve got lots of different plants, but three types of best-sellers that we highlight here.

Orchids - My mom loves orchids! They’re elegant, colorful, and exotic. We have individual potted orchids or wonderful dish gardens for a little more color and variety.

Succulents - Succulents are super easy to care for individually or in a mixed bunch. If you’re shopping for a beginner plant-mom, grab a mini-container with a few, or for someone with a larger collection, get them a whole dish garden!

Air plants - Air plants have been all the rage lately. They’re so easy to care for, that they don’t even require soil! Under proper care, they produce wonderful little blooms in surprisingly vibrant colors.

Two types of garden planters

For the outdoorsy gardener, we’ve put together an adorable assortment of plants in unique art planters from Studio M. (Click on the images to see them on our website)

Pansies pot - Pansies are ideal for springtime because they thrive in cooler temperatures. When the hot summer sun comes out, the pot can be moved to a cooler spot so your pansies stay happy. This art pot comes with a garden watering stake - so you don’t even have to remember to water it!

Mixed pot - For a little bit of variety, this medium art pot is filled with seasonal plants and can come with your choice of a garden gift to accompany it. My favorite is this sweet chime from Woodstock chimes. Woodstock specially tunes their chimes to place the notes that sound most beautiful together, they’re made with premium materials, and come in a bunch of different themes and designs!

One place to go: Earle’s!

The tradition of Mother’s Day is often celebrated with flowers, cards, and gifts - and we’ve got all of that and MORE at Earle’s! These may be some of our favorite items, but they barely scratch the surface of everything we have to offer. Come on into our store to discover the perfect thing for your mom. And remember, the perfect gift will be one that comes from the heart!

So whether you’re shopping for your mom or lovely wife, make Earle’s your first stop to get everything on your list. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed, please take a moment to share with others! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, and follow us to keep a lookout for a special Mother’s Day contest we’ll be hosting soon. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon!