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Give Thanks with Flowers

Posted by Aiea on Nov 3rd 2020

We’ve reached the time of year where it’s time to focus on gratitude and all that we have in our lives, including family and friends. As your local Loveland Florist, we offer a wide range of beautiful, thoughtful, and unique floral designs, gifts, and events. Here are some ideas for making your home warm and welcoming during the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether you are hosting, going to a friends or relatives home, you’ll want to decorate the table with these colorful, seasonal Thanksgiving bouquets.

Fall Cornucopia Arrangement

If there’s any imagery that’s distinctive of Thanksgiving, it’s the cornucopia. While it’s typically filled with a delectable fall harvest, cornucopias also make fabulous homes for a bouquet filled with autumnal flowers. This Fall Cornucopia Arrangement is completed with daisies, carnations, hypericum berry, and sound with fall leaves.

Fall Wooden Box Arrangement

Another way to add to your Thanksgiving ambiance is including this Fall Wooden Box Arrangement. Whether your family is fighting over the last of the pie or who is the most successful, at least everyone will be able to agree that these flowers are a beautiful addition to the food on the table. This eye-catching arrangement is kept together by a rustic box and completed with fall wheat, hypericum berries, and daisies in a topiary design.

Fall Harvest Centerpiece

As you and your family gather around the Thanksgiving table, you will marvel at this display, which offers full blooms and the warm glow of a pair of tall candles. This Fall Harvest Centerpiece filled with autumnal blooms and greenery is a great way to achieve some vibrant decoration around the table. With the fiery reds, rich burgundies, and vibrant oranges of autumn, bringing in a fall floral arrangement is a no-brainer for the holiday.