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Duke Cannon- Gifts for Him at Earle's-

Posted by The Earle's Girls on Nov 13th 2016

Duke Cannon is a brand new line at Earle's Loveland Floral and Gifts this season. Ladies- he is always coming in for your fresh flowers so now you can shop gifts for him at your favorite florist and gift shop in Loveland. "Duke Cannon isn't for everyone" the brand says. Here's what sets this Men's line apart from the rest. 

The Duke isn't known for dining with the new vegan trend nor is he out shopping for the hot new iPhone this Christmas. However he does pride himself in getting clean and smelling good without the accents of feminine shower gels and soaps. So step up to the big guys with the Big Ass Brick of Soap! Designed in a brick three times the average size of female bar soap, uses steel cut grains for max grip ability- no chasing this bar around the shower floor, and while we are being blunt the soap gets you clean not... laid. Pardon the snarky words of Duke Cannon. Duke Cannon supplier remains in the same plant of which was the main primary supplier of military soap for over 20 years. The brick shape and style refers to that of GI's used during the Korean War. 

Duke Cannon is a brand of hard working man. Accomplishment, Victory, or Productivity... choose your man's motto for the day and appreciate his character of suspense in a Man's day of hard work. Duke Cannon has a military heritage that is important to their brand. The brand maintains a close relationship with Bravo Company 2-135 as they draw inspiration from the fine soldiers of our country. A portion of all Duke Cannon sales directly goes to support veterans.  

We will leave you with the words of Duke: "In Duke's time men took pride in the things they built not the things they bought."

Shop the products at your local gift shop Earle's Loveland and give your Man the Man's gift this season. Introduce him to the manliest of cleans