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How To Take Care of Outdoor Plants

How To Take Care of Outdoor Plants

Posted by McKenna on Jun 9th 2020

During the summer, we all love to have flowers out on our patios to add a pop of color. Here are some tips on how to take care of your outdoor plants. 

Water thoroughly and slowly

It is important not to overwater your plants. Watering them slowly makes sure that you are not

watering too much and gives the soil enough time to absorb it. A good technique for hanging

baskets is to water a little bit in one area at a time and go back. Always watch for water to

come out of the bottom when you are watering because that is how you will know that you are

watering it enough.

Water according to the season

In early May before it gets too hot, you will only have to water your flowers every two to three

days. However, during the summer when it stays hot outside for longer, it is important to water them

every day!

It is better to underwater your flowers than over watering them because it is an easy fix.

Flowers will appear to be wilted if they have been overwatered but if the soil is still wet you do

not need to water them more.

Dead Head

As flowers die you will need to remove them. For hanging baskets, you can simply just shake it

and they will fall off. This gives energy for new blossoms to bloom.


In the middle of the season, you will want to trim your flowers. Cut off 2 inches just below the

pot. This will help even things out and ensure that your flowers are looking good.