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Custom Colorado Designs

Posted by Earle's Girl- BobbieJo on Aug 15th 2016

If you have visited our store, Facebook page, or scrolled through Instagram lately you would have seen that Earle’s supports local product. Many of our flowers are grown right here in the good ol’ colorful Colorado. In addition to the amazing arrangements Earle’s designs we also stock gifts that are from local designers.

Colorado Copper is a hand crafted jewelry line from the fresh nature of the ever so loved Rocky Mountains. The copper, dipped silver, and brass jewelry is created by Colorado artist Rachel Rayburn. The custom line is designed to reflect the organic nature of the Rocky Mountains. You will find a variety of designs in the Colorado Copper collection, from earrings to bracelets the collection holds its very own unique style.

As you know the Girls at Earle’s find value in educating our customers… because we truly want you to be satisfied! So let us take a trip into the history of Copper jewelry itself. While Rachel Rayburn has her own story of copper, many artists have found it to be essential for quite some time. Copper, because of its high ductility, malleability, resistance to corrosion, and thermal and electrical conductivity is an essential mineral and element to our everyday lives. Copper dates back 10,000 years as man’s oldest metal. Copper served many first uses including: a substitute for stone near 8000 B.C. In Egypt copper was used for many everyday items such as razors, hand mirrors, and water vessels. Copper even played a part in agriculture as picks and hoes were used in the harvesting of crops.

In the modern day many ships and boats are coated with a copper-based paint to ensure hull protection. A copper strip around your garden can keep out unwanted snails and slugs. The copper engages an electrical charge that deters them from entering. Years ago cave dwellers relied on copper axes as weapons, today surgeons save lives with copper-clad scalpels.

We can see from these fun facts about copper that the uses are endless. And like everything from Earle’s gift shop, Colorado Copper is made with style!

Want to see some of the designs featured by Colorado Copper Jewelry? Stop into Earle’s in Loveland and see what we have in stock or shop our newly renovated website

Stay tuned for our newest product coming this Fall! We will feature a few new brands of Colorado designs!