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All You Need To Know About Kitras Art Glass

Posted by McKenna on Jun 9th 2020

These hand-crafted glass ball ornaments are becoming very popular in our store and we are here to tell you all that you need to know if you are considering buying one. 

First let’s start with some background information on the company. Kitras Art Glass is a

Canadian company that first started in 1988 and became a corporation in 1994. Their main

belief is that gifts with meaning connect people together. Each glass ball is completely

handmade and unique.

There are many different collections to choose from such as Birthdays, Elements and Trees of

Enchantment. Each ornament comes with a tag describing what each one means and why it is


Birthday Collection

The birthday collection has an ornament for each month and explains the qualities of people

born in that month.

February Birthday Ball

Elements Collection

The elements collection has all four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Each element is

explained and gives you challenges to consider.

Water Element

Trees of Enchantment

Trees of Enchantment have different themes from all of the different seasons to friendship and

love. Each one is unique, like a tree.


Earle’s is your exclusive dealer for the Loveland area and they are sold right in our store and

website! Each glass ornament is available in two different sizes, 6 inches and 3 inches. These

make the perfect gift if you are searching for something meaningful to give to your friends or family.